If you are thinking of seeking help or advice from a chiropractor, then before choosing whether to use Pete Swarbrick at Swinton Chiropractic view some of our recent patient testimonials below.

1st Chiropractic Testimonial
“Brilliant treatment, best I’ve seen” 
Vinny Shoreman  Althlete Mind Coach, Trainer and Sports Commentator 

2nd Chiropractic Testimonial
“I had a really bad back and chest injury. Thanks to your treatment and advice I was back to normal in 2-3 weeks.”
Paul Karpowicz Professional Thai Boxer British Muay Thai Champion.”

3rd Chiropractic Testimonial
“It was after receiving the treatment that I could have kicked myself, because I thought the stiffness and pain I experienced was just normal for someone of my age. Peter freed the complaint. I just wish I had seen him sooner.” Thank you – Mrs A Khan

4th Chiropractic Testimonial
I wish to thank you for your assistance as a chiropractor in getting me back on my feet. When Ilook back to our first meeting I could barely walk without the aid of a stick, even in a few weeks I was immeasurably improved thanks to your manipulation. Since then the exercises you recommended and acupuncture on my lower back I have returned to full health. You don’t know how important good health is until you lose it and to have it returned because of your actions is gift beyond words. Your sessions have been the finest investment I have made since I got married anyway.”
Yours sincerely – Peter Galligan

5th Chiropractic Testimonial
“In the medical field I see my fellow professional peers interacting with patients everyday. Having an interest in musculo-skeletal complaints I was interested in observing a chiropractic approach to treating them . I thought Peter Swarbrick possessed an excellent patient manner and rapport with his patients.I was very impressed by him and the treatments provided. If I required treatment I would not hesitate in trusting him with my health.”
Dr Anna Neill

7th Chiropractic Testimonial
“I never thought I would be able to play rugby again until I attended your clinic. I had tried rest, physiotherapy, I even had an MRI scan. Nothing cured the problem. I sought a chiropractor as a last resort. He told me the problem and how he was going to fix it. I’M NOW A BELIEVER!”  
Mr S. Hazlett.